Welcome to the Tardis Project

Tardis is a loose group working together to maintain a network of servers and services on top of them. Our goal is to teach practical sysadmin and computing skills, and to promote small-scale computing and reduce reliance on 'big tech'.

Tardis is primarily run and maintained by students and alumni of the University of Edinburgh, it was one of the first projects of its kind, being founded in 1987 within the School of Informatics (formerly Department of Computer Science) and is now a seperate entity, with support from FDX Production Services.

Tardis provides many services to its users such as hosting, e-mail, gitlab and much more. We are a group of volunteers, and as such all services we provide are best-effort and should not be 'mission critical'. If you're making money off of Tardis, you're doing it wrong.

Our current rack!

Our current rack


Currently we run:

  • Mail Service
  • Web Service
  • Git Service
  • IRC Service


Meetings are often held at 6:30pm at the Auld Hoose. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we are happy to have more people come along, especially if you would like to help out with the project.

Want an account?

Currrently there is no automated way to apply for an account, feel free to come to pub or ask in the IRC/Discord.


Tardis is looking for help with funding for it's continued maintenence. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

Chat with us!

We can currently be found on within the CompSoc Discord and IRC, within the #tardis channel on both platforms.

The Tardis Charter

You can find the Tardis charter here to learn more about the goals of the project.