Welcome to the Tardis Project

We provide computing services to hobbyists and small organisations, for any non-profit purposes. Our goal is to promote small-scale computing, and provide a safe space for users to learn practical sysadmin and computing skills.

We provide a variety of services for technical and non-technical people, a list of which you can find here. We are a group of volunteers, and as such all services we provide are best-effort and should not be 'mission critical'. If you're making money off of Tardis, you're doing it wrong.

Tardis used to be a part of the University of Edinburgh. It was one of the first projects of its kind, being founded in 1987 within the School of Informatics. We're now a seperate entity funded by donations.

Managed MySQL databases

Expose apps even easier

Kubernetes now available

For non-technical people

We host a variety of services that don't require any technical know-how to use, such as:

  • Email (including webmail and custom domains)
  • Cloud Storage (using Nextcloud)
  • Password Management (using Vaultwarden)
  • Fediverse accounts (using Pleroma)
  • More, on request.

These are free to use and available to all members.

For technical people

Tardis is a great place to collaborate on and deploy small projects. As well as access to normal Linux machines you can run whatever you like on, we can offer:

  • GitLab code hosting, CI, and CD
  • Static site hosting
  • Registries for Docker, npm, and more
  • Primary/secondary DNS
  • Trace, Log, and Metric aggregation via Grafana
  • S3-compatible storage via Ceph
  • Virtual machine infrastructure

We'll also support you if you need more infrastructure set up. You won't usually have to pay for any of this, but if you're asking for a lot of resources we may ask for a donation.


Weekly social and discussion meetings are held around 6pm on Mondays, normally at a pub. Newcomers and anyone interested in talking to us are always welcome to come along. Please check our Discord/IRC channel the afternoon of to confirm the exact time and location people are meeting.


Donating is entirely optional, but allows us to continue operating. If Tardis has helped you, please consider donating.

Chat with us!

We can found on on the CompSoc Discord and IRC, in the #tardis channel.

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You can apply for an account here.